Richie Tankersley Cusick was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on April Fools Day. Being an only child, she began at an early age to invent invisible friends and special worlds of her own, which sparked her passion for writing.
Among her first and fondest memories is living alongside the bayou in the small town of Barataria. Rich with legends and folklore, this area was once frequented by the pirate Jean Lafitte, who supposedly hid his treasure within the dark shadows of Bayou Barataria. The influence of Southern mystery and charm was overwhelming to a little girl's imagination--ruins of old plantation houses, aboveground cemeteries, moss-draped oak trees, crumbling churches, shrimp boats, old drawbridges, haunted roads, and the murky waters of the bayou. Many of these childhood experiences would prove to be major inspiration for her books. She would love the South always.
When Richie was old enough to start school, the family moved to the suburbs where they shared their home with a ghost. Though her growing- up years were spent in Louisiana, summers were spent in Missouri with her grandparents, where she received regular—and fascinating—doses of Ozark superstitions and folk tales. She attended Riverdale High School, then went on to the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now called UL Lafayette) in Lafayette (Cajun capital of the world!) where she graduated with a BA in English and a minor in English history.
Soon after graduation she moved to Kansas City, where she worked as a writer at Hallmark Greeting Cards for nine years. Once again, her house was inhabited by a ghost. Upon publication of her first book—Evil On The Bayou—she left Hallmark and began writing books full time.
Twenty-eight books later, she now lives in Missouri with her cocker spaniel Audrey and is currently at work on a new novel. She writes at an antique rolltop desk which was once owned by a funeral director. And yes...it's haunted.


Shadow Mirror - 2010

Unsettling. There's no better word to describe Miranda Barnes's ability to hear the cries of the dead, feel the wind move her hair when they run by, and - dare she look into a mirror - see the reflection of a ghostly woman behind her. There's only one person to turn to for support: Etienne. As sexy as he is mysterious, Miranda can't help but be drawn to him. He believes her; he wants to help her. But there's a secret in Etienne's past, something Miranda's on the verge of discovering. As paranormal activity escalates, passion grows, and soon Miranda is caught up in both love . . . and tragedy.

Walk of the Spirits - 2008

When Miranda Barnes first sees the sleepy town of St. Yvette, Louisiana, with its moss-draped trees, above-ground cemeteries, and her grandfather's creepy historic home, she realizes that life as she knew it is officially over. Almost immediately, there seems to be something cloying at her. Something lonely and sad and . . . very pressing. Even at school and in the group project she's been thrown into, she can't escape it. Whispers when she's alone, shadows when no one is there to make them, and a distant pleading voice that wakes her from sleep. The other members in Miranda's group project, especially handsome Etienne, can see that Miranda is in distress. She is beginning to understand that, like her grandfather before her, she has a special gift of communicating with spirits who still walk the town of St. Yvette. And no matter where she turns, Miranda feels bound by their whispered pleas for help . . . unless she can somehow find a way to bring them peace.

It Begins - The Unseen #1 - 2003

Out walking alone one rainy night, Lucy becomes convinced that someone—or something—is following her. Spooked, she ducks into a cemetery to try and lose her stalker. Panicking in the darkness, she slips and stumbles into an open grave—only to discover she is not alone in there. . . . Lucy manages to escape, but she doesn't get away unscathed. She begins having terrifying visions and dreams—and she still can't shake the feeling of an unseen presence, always watching, waiting. . . . Who was the girl in the grave? And what has she done to Lucy?

Rest in Peace - The Unseen #2 - 2004

Still stalked by an unseen force and plagued by unspeakable visions, Lucy feels she cannot carry on for much longer—especially now that Byron, the one person who understood what she was going through, is dead. No one else believes her. She is still alone. And still in grave danger.

Blood Brothers - The Unseen #3 - 2006

Lucy knows there must be something, somewhere, that can tell her why she was chosen to see the terrible visions; why she feels the shadowy presence all around her. But what? Could the explanation lie with the mysterious stranger claiming to be Byron's brother? As Lucy searches desperately for answers, she knows time is running out. Too many people have disappeared— or worse—and the constant feeling of being surrounded by something truly evil grows stronger each night.

Sin and Salvation - The Unseen #4 - 2006

Too many deaths and too many terrifying visions have taken their toll on Lucy Dennison. She wonders if she can trust anyone or anything anymore. In the chilling finale to The Unseen quartet, Lucy comes face-to-face with the force that has turned her life into a waking nightmare. . . . And the ultimate choice must be made: love or life? Sin or salvation?

The House Next Door - 2002

On a whim, Emma Donovan bets her twin brother, Charlie, that she can spend the entire night alone at the spooky, abandoned house next door. The place is seriously creepy, but she's determined to overcome her fears and prove her brother wrong. Until she finds herself reliving a horrific night from the house's past and a passionate love with a handsome -- and strangely familiar -- young man. When Charlie finds her, he's sure it was all just a dream. Yet Emma has persistent paranormal experiences involving the house and the young man from the past. As her "dreams" intensify, Emma becomes convinced that they are very real...and that she has a dreadful part to play in the supernatural reenactment of a tragic love.

Summer of Secrets - 1996

Lost on a dark country road, Gayle and her best friend Stephanie are hit by a truck that was following them without any lights. But their damaged car was only the beginning... They didn't expect to find an arm buried near the road. And when they finally reached the farmhouse of Gayle's Aunt Pat, no one is there to greet them. There's only a note that reads "Be back soon." What happened to Aunt Pat? Why are mysterious "accidents" suddenly occurring? What about the rumors of other disappearances in this small tow? Gayle knows she must find the answers soon, but whom can she trust? Travis, the hired hand? Mark, who works at the hospital? Or Doug, the helpful neighbor? Friends...or suspects?
Gayle is running out of time. Danger - and her fate - are only a hearbeat away!

Starstruck - 1996

Miranda Peterson is thrilled to win a magazine contest to meet hunky actor Byron Slater and maybe land the part of the romantic interest in his next action-packed movie! What could be better than a week on a glamorous estated, being fussed over by photographers, stylists, and reporters? So what if there are two other girls competing for the same part? Byron's good looks and admiring eyes make her forget everything else....
But the romantic Byron is also intensely private. Surrounded by agents, assistants, a driver and a bodyguard, the young actor is well-protected...for a reason. Dark secrets haunt the sun-drenched estate, adn they seem to wrap Byron - and anyone close to him - in a shroud of danger.
Suspicion and fear give way to the heat of Miranda's romance until a body appears in the estate's hot tub. The acting is over and the terror has just begun...

Overdue - 1995

It was after hours. Kathleen was preparing to close the library when somebody returned five grisly books about death. One was slashed. All were overdue. Then Kathleen found the bookmark with the deadly warning. Now people close to her are falling victim to tragic accidents. Someone is out for blood. Is it Robin, silent, shy, withdrawn? Is it Alexander, the dark, handsome stranger who haunts the library stacks and says he wants to help? Kathleen can count on only one thing: the killer WILL strike again--her death is overdue....

Someone at the Door - 1994

The phone and the radio were dead, but they'd already heard the news: a mass murderer was on the loose. Hannah and her younger siste Meg were miles from the nearest neighbor, trapped in a raging blizzard, home alone. Until the knock at the door. Two strangers burst into the house, wounded, bleeding and nearly frozen. Hannah couldn't just turn Lance and Jonathon away, so she made them promise to leave in the morning. But they stayed, insisting the girls needed protection. Wary of Lance's brooding good looks, Hannah was drawn to Jonathon's reassuring presence. Until the dog, and the axe, disappeared - and the girls wondered "protection from whom?"

The Drifter - 1994

Glanton House was Carolyn Baxter's new home, the haunted island retreat her widowed mother was determined to transform into an inn. As if in answer to her prayer, tall raven-haired Joss Whitcomb appeared at their door and offered to be the handyman in return for room and board. But Carolyn was wary. Joss was dark, compelling, dangerous. He was still a stranger, even after he saved her mother from a near-fatal accident. And now they were alone together in the eerie house he seemed to know so well. He knew the legend of a jealous sea captain doomed to kill again and again. But did he hear the ghostly whispers echoing through the halls at night? Did he know the unseen eyes that followed her every move? Who was Joss? Why was he here? How could she trust this devastating drifter when she feared for her life...?

The Locker - 1994

After the nightmarish death of her parents, Marlee Fleming was starting over - a new school, a "happy life." But her new friends Tyler and Noreen acted strangely when they saw the locker she'd been assigned. They said it had belonged to Suellen, who had mysteriously disappeared. The moment Marlee opened the locker and saw the horrifying vision, she was afraid. Afraid of the future. Afraid of her own premonitions, of powers she tried to deny. With a thrill of terror, Marlee knew she'd been chosen to find Suellen - even at the cost of her own life!

Help Wanted - 1993

The bold print seemed aimed at her directly: "Detail-oriented student for cataloguing personal library." But when Robin Bailey answers the ad, she is surprised that she has already been recommended for the job by Parker Swanson, the gorgeous new guy in school. Parker's grandfather will pay her to organize the collection of antique books that belonged to Parker's stepmother, a Medium who died by her own hand. Suddenly Robin is plunged into Parker's dark and twisted family saga, trying to protect his stepsister Claudia who is haunted by visions of her evil mother and driven to desperation. Parker says that Claudia is crazy. But Robin has heard and seen the ghost! Now her part-time job is a full-time nightmare!

Silent Stalker - 1993

Before Jenny Logan even entered the forbidding castle-a replica of the Worthington's ancestral home in England-a terrified stranger warned her away. Was the warning real-or just another example of the family's macabre sense of humor? Jenny couldn't be sure. She only knew her summer vacation with her father suddenly became a nightmare when predatory Sir John Worthington invited them to stay-and his grandsons, the gorgeous Malcolm, his twin Derrick, and their mischievous cousin Wit spun a web of intrigue, romance, and deceit around her. She's forced to play by their rules now, and battle the castle's ancient curse, which decrees that she will go mad, or die...or simply disappear....

Fatal Secrets -1992

Why was Marissa so scared? What was she trying to say when she fell through the ice and drowned, leaving her sister Ryan McCauley floundering in a sea of guilt? Ryan's haunted by the feeling that she's being followed, watched. Someone is trying to make her think she's insane. Why? And now the disturbing Charles Eastman, a total stranger, is a guest in their home - because he said he was a friend of Marissa's. What does he really want? And why is handsome loner Winchester Stone, who once dated Marissa, always around whenever there's trouble. Ryan can't trust anyone. She's all alone, terrified, determined to discover Marissa's deadly secret - before she meets the same fate!

The Mall - 1992

Trish smiles into the dressing-room mirror, admiring herself in the gorgeous white dress. Unknown to her, someone else is watching. He knows she is smiling just for him. His soft, strange voice whispers her name from the crowd. His hooded eyes follow her every move....
At first she thinks he's just a creepy customer, hanging around Muffin Mania where she works at the mall. But suddenly he's everywhere, the man with a thousand faces tormenting her day and night. He knows her secrets. There's no safe place to hide. There's no one she can tell, no one she can trust. How can she escape a madman willing to kill to make her his--forevermore.

Blood Roots - 1992 (Adult)

All her life, Olivia only wanted to be part of a large, loving family. But her mother had hated her home and fled from it; Olivia's grandmother did not even know she was alive. As Olivia grew into a beautiful young woman, her mother's fits of fury trembled into madness, a brooding despair over all she lost...Devereaux House, the grand plantation manor rising out of the evening mists...the genteel weatlh and gallant ways of day long gone.
Locked away in the dark during her mother's terrible rages, Olivia could only dream of her ancestral home and all its glories - until her mother's death. Then, yearning to find her roots and put the past to rest, Olivia came home at last to Devereaux House. Her grandmother live here, the woman her mother had called evil. Yet here was Olivia's one frail hope: the family, love an acceptance she so fervently desired. But when the crumbling doors of Devereaux House swung open, Olivia walked into a poisoned web...a legacy of lust and desecration reaching down through the ages to claim her...

Vampire - 1991

It's Darcy Thomas' summer home: the Dungeon of Horrors, owned by Jake, the gorgeous green-eyed uncle she's just met. But the gory fun turns to terror when the real bodies are found with the mark of the vampire on their throats...when Darcy discovers a lipstick-slashed note: "You are my chosen one." Chosen for death. By whom? Is it mysterious, evasive Jake? Or Elliott, his assistant, who hides behind dark glasses, always watching, never seen. Or Brandon, with his blood-red carnations and fatal charm. Or Kyle, is he the friend he pretends to be? Or is it Liz, who always got what she wanted until Darcy arrived...who can she trust with her life? Can she unmask the vampire before it's too late?.

Scarecrow - 1990 (Adult)

The victim of a car accident in the Ozark hills, Pamela Westbrook awoke to find hersself in the care of the Whittakers, a quaint hard-working family whose farm was miles from the nearest neighbor. Temporarily stranded, haunted still by a tragic loss, she found a measure of peace in the quiet golden hills and the Whittakers' gentle customs. But soon she will discover the eerie rituals and dark traditions that lie beneath their old-fashioned ways. Soon she will learn the truth about their young daughtr Girlie, a child possessed of uncanny, frightening gifts. She will encounter the guardians of the hills - the scarecrows who yield a sinister, unnatural power. And she will be trapped in a nightmare of mysterious deaths, an all-consuming horror from which there is no escape...not even in madness.

April Fools - 1990

On the night of April 1st, Belinda, Frank, and Hildy are driving home from a party when they get involved in a gruesome car accident. The people in the other car never could have survived the wreck, so Frank insists they take off. After all, what happened wasn't really their fault. Two week later, Belinda is the only one who still feels guilty about the accident. Then the "pranks" begin. Someone sends her a bloody doll's head. A car nearly runs her off the road.
Obviously someone witnessed...or survived that car accident. And they're going to maker her pay...slowly...for what happened.
April Fool's Day is over. But these jokes are for real.

Trick or Treat - 1989

Martha knew there was something evil about the house she was moving into. It was so cold...and creepy. And it wasn't just the house that was giving her a weird feeling. Martha was sure someone was following her...watching her every move.
Then the practical jokes began--the scarecrow with the carving knife in its head, the fire. And the phone calls: 'Trick or Treat, Martha...you're dead.'
It was October, but these were no Halloween tricks.
Someone would be coming home this year with more than just a bag of treats. And Martha was the prize.
Trick or treat.

The Lifeguard - 1988

Kelsey's summer should have been a paradise - a holiday on Beverly Island, complete with sun-drenched beaches and gorgeous lifeguards. But Kelsey's dream holiday quickly turns into a nightmare. It starts with the note from a girl who's missing. Then there's the crazy man in the lighthouse with his mysterious warnings. And there have been a number of suspicious drownings...
At least she has the lifeguards around to protect her...
Poor Kelsey. Someone forgot to tell her that lifeguards don't always like to save lives.

Evil on the Bayou - 1984

Meg Daton has been uneasy since the moment she arrived in bayou country. Being volunteer nurse to the shriveled husk of a dying woman she hardly knows is bad enough. But the house, where strange, inexplicable things keep happening, is even worse. And the people! Though Esther seems good-hearted, Wes, her handsome, tight-lipped son, is frightening. Most menacing of all is debonair Dr. LaVane, who treats Aunt Belle behind a locked door. Wes and Doc blame each other for the mysterious death of Wes' sister Anna - a mystery that becomes starkly real to Meg when she begins to realize that Aunt Belle's unexpected "recover" may cost her her life.

buffy series.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Film Novelization) - 1992

The fourth teenage girl in L.A. has disappeared in less the two months! But Buffy's oblivious. She's brainstorming a theme for the senior dance. One nightmare later, she meets a stranger named Merrick who tells her she bears the mark of the order: only she - the Pom-Pom Princess of California cheerleaders - can stop the vampires before they engulf L.A. They're everywhere...she can't even trust her best friends! Merrick has brought her knowledge, physical and mental powers beyond her wildest dreams, and a terrifying enemy. Lothos, King of the Vampires, who is determined to have Buffy for himself! All she has are a stake, a cross and a mission: destroy the evil - even if it takes her own life!

The Harvest - 1997

Something's wrong in Sunnydale, California...something more than the usual bad hair day. As long as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer. One girl in all the world to find them where they gather and stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. In this generation, she is Buffy Summers, 16 years old and a new student at Sunnydale High. Her experiences at her last school persuaded Buffy to try to resume the life of a normal teenager. But it is no coincidence that Buffy has come to this town at this time. The area is a center of mystical energy, and all the signs point to an iminent, crucial upheaval. Once in a century comes The Harvest: a night when the Master Vampire can draw enough power to break free and open the portal between his world and ours...unleashing havoc.
With the help of new friends and a new Watcher, Buffy's back in business....

The Angel Chronicles 2 - 1999

"I wish we could be like regular kids. Just a regular kid and her 200-year-old, creature-of-the-night boyfriend."
The course of love in Sunnydale never runs smoothly, especially for Buffy Summers the Vampire Slay and her boyfriend, Angel the vampire. They're going through the usual early stages of a romantic relationship - dressing to impress, going on coffee dates, and saving the world.
When Buffy tries to be more like the girls from Angel's distant past, she succeeds a little too well - becoming helpless in the face of real evil. Career week at school finds Buffy questioning her future as the Slayer - and all the relationship baggage that title comes with - until an unexpected ally gives new insight into her callilng. And when Angel is taken hostage by an old acquaintance with sinister plans, Buffy realizes she must draw on all her passion to save the one she loves.
Now, collected for the first time, are three storie from the hit-TV series chronicling Buffy and Angel's growing romanic relationship.



coming soon!

ask richie.

When is the sequel for Shadow Mirror coming? Are you going to have a sequel to Shadow Mirror? Are you???
Let me just say that I love these characters, and I love writing about them. When I write a book, I'm totally consumed by the characters and their world, and since I spend months and months with them, they become just as real to me as any living people. It's difficult to tell them goodbye when the book ends—and these characters in SHADOW MIRROR and WALK OF THE SPIRITS were especially hard to leave. There are still so many questions that remain unanswered, and still so many secrets to be revealed!

Which is why I wish I had better news. But unfortunately I've been informed by Penguin that right now there are no plans to release a third book in the series.

Why don't you make your books into movies?
That responsibility lies with my agent and the film reps she regularly keeps in contact with. All I can do is express my own wishes and the wishes of my readers, and hope that someday a movie will actually be made.

Are you going to continue The Unseen?
At this point, there are no plans. Stay tuned, however - you never know!

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